Virginia Invasive Species

Invasive Species Profiles


The following descriptions represent a diverse range of invasive organisms. The species included in this list meet one or more of the following criteria:

Early Detection Plant Species 


Report discovery of these species immediately! > >

In this section are examples of invasive species not yet established in Virginia. Prevention is the key strategy for managing these species, sometimes referred to as "early detection" species. If found before becoming established in Virginia, the goal is to target them for rapid response. With sufficient resources, eradication may be possible for early arrivals.

two-horned trapa Two-horned Trapa


two-horned trapa Callery Pear


giant salvinia Giant Salvinia


waterwheel plant Waterwheel Plant


water hyacinth Water Hyacinth


Water Primrose Primrose Willow


water spinach Water Spinach


beach vitex Beach Vitex


cogon grass Cogon Grass


giant hogweed Giant Hogweed


tropical soda apple Tropical Soda Apple 


Early Detection Animal Species


Report discovery of these species immediately! > >

spotted lanternfly Spotted Lanternfly


zebra mussel Zebra Mussel


Sirex Wood Wasp Sirex Wood Wasp


Rusty Crayfish Rusty Crayfish


Chinese Mitten Crab Chinese Mitten Crab


Early Detection Fungal Species

Sudden Oak Death Sudden Oak Death / Ramorum Blight


Recently Established Species

These species have recently become established in Virginia. Management efforts are aimed at slowing the spread.

wavyleaf grass Wavyleaf Grass


Emerald Ash Borer Emerald Ash Borer


Chinese Mitten Crab Northern Snakehead Fish


Priority Species for Management

The species in this section are are established in Virginia. Ongoing monitoring, control, and management are the key strategies.

Tree of Heaven Tree-of-heaven


feral swine Feral Swine


Japanese Stilt Grass Japanese Stilt Grass


Rapa Whelk Rapa Whelk


Imported Fire Ant Imported Fire Ant


Phragmites Phragmites